BABE+(3)Volunteer Program

Download, complete and return the volunteer registration form by fax to 510-550-2606

Volunteer Form


Volunteering is a great way to spend the day.  It’s fun. It’s free. And a small contribution of your time can make a big difference.  The purpose of the Black Expo volunteer program is to provide assistance pre-show, during the show, and afterwards.

It is the responsibility of the volunteer to report to the Producer of the expo to assist in whatever capacity necessary.

Program Objectives:

The volunteer program is structured to have volunteers provide assistance to BABE Producer and Staff and to help ensure that tasks are effectively carried out in a timely fashion.  The program is also designed to provide volunteers with practical work experience, training, and contacts to benefit their future needs.

Volunteer Supervisors

  • The effectiveness of the volunteer program is dependent on every member of the staff. Each staff member supervises those volunteers performing tasks within the realm of their respective program areas. Multiple volunteer supervisors must follow uniform procedures when working with volunteers to achieve continuity within the volunteer program. These efforts result in well placed volunteers who are adequately prepared and whose works result in a satisfactory experience for the Black Expo and the volunteer.

Volunteer program coordinator

  • The volunteer program coordinator serves as the point of contact for the Black Expo volunteer program. The coordinator manages resources, reference materials, information, and the overall organization and execution of the volunteer program.

Needs Assessment

  •  The needs assessment is a list of all work items in which volunteers are authorized to complete that help achieve the mission the Black Expo. The list accounts for every work item, including items that are rarely or never completed. The needs assessment is an ever-changing document in which work items are updated regularly with additions, edits and deletions by all staff. The purpose of the assessment is to determine Black Expo’s current and future volunteer needs based on what work items are not completed by current volunteer resources.







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